about us

Take Heart Films is a wedding videography company I started in 2015. I create cinematic wedding videos for couples who choose to make the beautiful and bold leap of faith into the commitment of marriage. 

I've always wanted my line of work to service others and to honor God. That is why I started Take Heart Films. My hope is to share many great love stories with the world. The name "Take Heart" came to me from the Bible. Take heart appears multiple times in the Bible when referring to courage and strength. I chose this name because it is these things that have lead me to where I am now, and it is those same two things that guide others in love. 

During my  career as a videographer, I have had the opportunity to work in many different places. Currently, the three places I work free of travel fees are Austin, Orange County, and the Bay Area . I am always up for an adventure and open to worldwide travel. 

Thank you so much for visiting.

Love, Kirsten Alise Saharek